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Your home. Your way.

The ultimate minimal home.

Resi Den

1,920 Square Feet | $380,000

The Resi Den is our largest and most expansive product. Designed for the modern family, this open floor plan with large glass windows, sun-filled spaces, and timeless design is sure to leave you never looking back at traditional housing.

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Designed for the modern nomad, the perfect floorplan for both a minimalist primary home and a functional secondary home. The addition of a second bedroom creates the opportunity for clients to entertain or in the case of at-home workers, convert that space into the perfect office.

The future of two-bedroom dwelling.
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Dwell Den

1,334 Square Feet | $260,000
The ultimate guest house.

Live Den

702 Square Feet | $140,000

A true one-bedroom living space with minimalism and utility in mind. Its luxury feel and full-service capability make it the perfect guest house or rental space. The LiveDen is truly a mini house waiting to be lived and loved.

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A studio unit designed to be the best use of form and function. The Flex Den is perfect for the person in need of a guest house without the space needed for our Live Den. This unit was meant to add meaningful value to your property, in the form of an additional bedroom, workspace, or multi-use room.

Multi-purpose space without compromise.
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Flex Den

507 Square Feet | $98,000
Think from home.

The Think Den is our most practical and affordable space. A single-room floor plan designed with total versatility and simplicity in mind. Its adaptability and affordable price make it perfect for those with smaller work needs.

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Think Den

165 Square Feet | $38,000

Our team offers custom build services for projects that are greater than 1,000 square feet. Our building system allows us to shift, adjust, expand, and contract floor plans as needed in order to develop the perfect product for your needs.

Custom Products, Tailored To You
Den 1400sf Exterior 2 Final Round 3.jpg

Custom Den