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Simplified construction.

Trust  the process.

From permits and site surveying to construction and installation, we make sure that every single step of the process is thoroughly planned, prepared, and completed.

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Our one hundred twenty day process is designed to deliver a premium minimal living concept with ease.

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Week 0

1-3 Days

Choose Your Den

Work with our design team to select the base model and finishes that are perfect for your home, aesthetic, and budget. With your dream den in mind, sit back and let our team get to work.

1-2 Days

On-Site Consultation

Allow our team of professionals to come by, analyze your property, and run through our due-diligence checklist.


With all our ducks in a row, we can move forward to create a site plan, acquire city approvals, and secure all building permits.

Week 1-8

70 Days


Every build requires proper permitting and city approvals. Our dedicated permit team completes all of the required documentation for the city and moves quickly to secure all the permissions required to break ground.


Each Den requires a downpayment of $2,000 which goes towards your purchase. These funds are used to assemble documentation, purchase permits, and create a final site plan to execute the build.

Week 9

8-12 Days

Site Work

With all of our permits, paperwork, and procedures confirmed, we get to work. Installing the foundation, water, power, and sewer for your den.

Week 10 - 12

21-30 Days

Building + Delivery

Our in house team of builders and contractors arrive to fully construct and install your den piece by piece. Following a careful and effective build process that's guaranteed to result in your perfect home addition.

Week 13

3-6 Days

Finishes + Cleanup

This week, we complete all finishes on your Den, install appliances, test every component for flawless functionality, and perform site cleanup to ensure you're left with the exact Den you had envisioned.

Manufactured to make a difference.

Premium Materials. 

Quality Craftsmanship.

Every step of our process is designed to waste fewer materials and save more time. Our home additions are carefully prepared, sourced, and constructed with the local environment in mind. Den's primary focus is to improve your way of life through thoughtful development.

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