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Eco-friendly products, designed to last a lifetime

Earth first construction

All of Den's products are site-built on a cement slab to deliver the most durable, energy-efficient, and structurally sound products possible. That means no prefabrication, no manufactured dwellings, and no shipping containers.


Units are framed with a multi-patented building system that utilizes engineered foam-core panels for all structural elements of the product. The structure is layered with a composite coating made up of a precise blend of sand, cement, fiberglass, and an adhesive that create a building shell that is virtually indestructible.


The result.. a stronger eco-friendly material that saves us all time, money, and labor. All while avoiding the senseless use of wood, insulation, and other environmentally demanding products.

  • Hurricane Proof

  • Water Proof

  • Mold and Mildew Proof

  • Termite Proof

  • Fire Resistant

  • Highest Earthquake Rating

  • Moisture Control

  • Sound Insulation

  • 100% eco-friendly

  • 100% non-toxic

  • Energy Efficient & Sustainable

  • Temperature Control (i.e. 30% savings on heating and cooling)

  • Structure has a 2,000 psi retention strength

  • Structure will embrace up to 260 MPH winds

  • R-values R40 to R120

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Our products are site built, environmentally friendly, and finished with recycled materials as often as possible. We engineer our homes to avoid the use of lumber, insulation, and other environmentally demanding materials.

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Thoughtful Sourcing

Engineered Foam-Core Panels

We use engineered panels in the construction of our units, utilizing a high-performance building system that stands the test of time.


Each panel consists of an insulated foam core, which is permanently sealed in a concrete-like material to withstand hurricanes, fires, water, mold, termites, and just about anything earth can throw at it.  Our panels are produced under factory-controlled conditions and fabricated to our exact product specifications. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.


Creating our panels for onsite construction beforehand allows us to cut our labor costs and construction times down by over 75%. Savings which are passed on to our loyal customers.


The result - a stronger eco-friendly material that saves us all time, money, and labor. All while avoiding pulling materials from the environment.


Save Where It Matters

Electricity & Insulation

Traditionally wood-framed homes will have an R-value of 19. Even our smallest Den's have an R-value of 48 and higher, providing meaningful savings as it relates to electricity and air conditioning.

R-value is a measure of thermal resistance, or the ability to prevent the transfer of heat. The larger the number, the harder that insulation is working at preventing heat conduction. The less thermal loss, the lower your energy bills.


Effective By Design

Efficient Construction

All of our panels and structural elements are designed and crafted to precision before each build during the permitting process.

Upon delivery, every panel is constructed and sealed in place within a matter of days. Dramatically reducing framing times, labor costs, and inefficiencies in traditional construction.

Once prepared, each structure is wrapped in a metal exterior that further increases the Den's durability and resistance to weathering.


Eco-Friendly Homes

Everlasting Products

At the end of this effecient process, our customers are left with a beautiful, functional, eco-friendly dwelling that avoided the use of trees and synthetic insulation.

Our products are designed to stand the test of time and be as close to life-proof as any home could be.

Den 1400 sf Render Interior 3.jpg
Crafted to make a difference.

Premium Materials. 

Quality Craftsmanship.

Every step of our process is designed to waste fewer materials and save more time. Our home additions are carefully prepared, sourced, and constructed with the local environment in mind. Den's primary focus is to improve your way of life through thoughtful development.